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Dec. 30th, 2012

ladyofdragons: Credit: (Default)
Well, not sure exactly what I'll put here, call it an experiment I suppose.

I have written in my LJ in 2-3 years. I kinda stopped posting to Twitter because I felt bad about spamming people and Digsby started sucking so I don't have a low impact way to monitor my feed anymore. There are some people I do miss talking to. When I started my Tumblr it was because I needed a place to collect positive things so it was designated wank free from the start. It changed a bit since my fandoms have taken over my main one, but I still want to keep the emo off there if I can. I can't really keep up with my dashboard daily like used to anyway.

I think dumping my emo on Plurk has done a bit of a disservice, so I think that needs to get cut down some. I feel like people talk/respond to me less than when I first started and I'm not sure why. /chinstroke I could also be imagining it.

This journal can't exactly be "friends only" since I have none right now, but I know most of what I post I won't want public.

But I've always done better when being able to excise thoughts/feelings into external words, a purging of sorts, but also as part of a discovery process, since attempts to articulate such things help clarify them in my mind. So having a place to do that, even if they are only released into a void, is beneficial.

In fact, even as I write this, I wonder if this is not a symbol of the true state of affairs in my life, as I apparently isolate myself further. My LJ account is very, very old, and it always was a way to keep in touch with local friends since we didn't see each other every day. Choosing to post here, instead of at LJ, feels a little like signing the divorce papers finally. I tell myself it's because no one is active on LJ anymore. But really, why should that matter if I just want a place to put my words? I've been feeling less and less "in-tune" with that group as it expands and new people get added and interests change. We're all still geeks and counter-culture to different degrees, but it's getting harder for me to relate. Beyond that, now it seems I don't want to share things with them, and I'm not certain what that means.
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