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Mar. 16th, 2014

ladyofdragons: (power within)
And a small story/life lesson/reminder about how my own negative attitude defeats me before I even start.

Today was my last yoga session in the introductory period. That means no more yoga unless I pay the rather hefty cost or arrange work trade. The latter of which I had done last week! That meant starting in April I would work the front desk for one evening a week and get free yoga.

When I arrived for my session and asked if they got the last open day covered (thinking I would offer to do more if they needed it), the lady told me that they got it covered and maybe the Friday I wanted too at the same time thanks to crossed wires with a coworker. BUT, that she'd talk to me more about it after class.

Now, that's not a NO. Just a 'there's complications'. Which I immediately took to a negative place besides trying to tell myself a myriad of more positive things all throughout class. I had a pretty awful session in which I cried during Full Locust and almost threw up during Camel and generally felt cruddy the whole time because I made myself so anxious and tense.

Turns out she just wanted to give the people who have been doing work trade cleaning the room first shot at the front desk job--which makes sense since they have seniority--which meant I could still do work trade just as part of the cleaning crew. Which might actually be better since that starts later so it would conflict with a 9-5 job less. So I got myself all worked up for nothing, not to mention...I utterly FORGOT to count my blessings in that work trade was even an option--without which I would be totally unable to even continue doing yoga.

Life keeps trying to teach me these lessons and I'm get it half the time. Someday here it'll sink in and stick, and I'll be able to act on it differently.

Now for a lot of Notes To Self as I try to make a whole lot of well overdue life changes.
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