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ladyofdragons ([personal profile] ladyofdragons) wrote2013-11-06 11:41 am

In more constructive areas...

Rearrange finances/auto transfers to reflect new UI benefit distribution timing
Get cash to pay past debt to Lisa.
Pick up room/laundry/sweep
De-frag desktop, fix back-up issue?
Go explore Humble Fabrics, take Mom?
Think of Christmas card designs that might be easily reproducible and worth selling?
Go to dollar store for minimal craft supplies
Try thrift shops for clothes
Do some tags at least a few a day
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[personal profile] hellkitty 2013-11-06 11:40 pm (UTC)(link)
/adds 'remember how awesome I am' to this list. Because you are. Not having money is so connected with 'failure' in our world that it sucks the cope out of everyone.

Also, could I ask what size clothes you wear?