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Art Commission Offerings

STATUS: Currently closed.

Commission Examples:

Additional examples of my work can be found at my DeviantArt page and my Tumblr Art Tag (Some NSFW things in the latter)

Commission Offerings:

These prices are baseline and subject to modification given more or less detail/complexity inherant with your request. Contact me for personalized pricing.

Icons: Inked, flat color, flat background. 100x100 assumed unless another size is requested.
Unique icons: 2 for $15, $5 each thereafter.
Icon clone sets: $20 (one head-shot reused for 5 different expressions)
DWRP 15 basic expressions pack: $70 (Mix of cloned and unique icons, more of the former)

Busts: One character, head and shoulders.
$10 sketch
$15 inked
$25 flat color OR complex inks (hatching, black fills, etc)
$40 full, soft-shaded color

Character Illustrations: One character, 3/4 to full body, no background.
$20 sketch (+ $15 per additional character*)
$30 inked (+ $20*)
$50 for flat colors or complex inks (+ $30*)
$90 for full, soft shaded color. (+$50*)

+ $10 simple design background
+ $2 to make an icon from any illustration

*Per additional character charge assumes the majority of the character is visible. A discount may be given if this turns out not to be the case.

Other Services: Full illustrative scenes with environmental backgrounds and full character designs with model sheets are available by request and fees are negotiable dependent on the nature of the request. Contact me for details so we can discuss.

What Will I Draw?

I will draw fanart, original characters, furries, mecha, robots, gore, cheese/beefcake, and sexual themes. I am currently not taking smut commissions because it takes me forever and there'd likely be an extra charge. HOWEVER, if you come to me with photo reference we can most likely work something out! (P0rno screenshots, stock photos, whatever.) I'm open to almost all sexual subjects/kinks; the only automatic NO is sexual situations involving minors/children. Anything else, feel free to ask and we'll see if it's within my skillset.

Extremely detailed characters may carry an additional charge! Contact me for personalized pricing.

Characters with NO pre-existing reference, meaning I have to design them from scratch, will fall under character design fees. I'm sorry but character design is a skill and not a simple task. I love designing OCs but it is time consuming which is why I do charge for that as a separate service.

The Process:

  1. We discuss your needs and expectations and come to a 'verbal' agreement. If you have a deadline that needs to be met, please let me know. I prefer having deadlines, but turnaround time will vary depending on my current load.
  2. I create a summary of that agreement (statement of work) and once you accept it and payment is sent and I begin sketching.
  3. I will submit said sketch for feedback/approval. Three revision cycles are allowed to refine the work. If the image has multiple issues that need to be addressed, please submit your feedback all at once!
  4. Once the sketch is finalized, I begin inking and then applying color if applicable. If necessary, I will provide the inks before color begins, so you have the opportunity to give feedback for minor revisions.
  5. Once the final piece is approved, you send any remaining payment and I send you a high resolution, non-watermarked version of the image. (previews for approvals will be neither)

PLEASE NOTE: All important information, references, feedback, notices, etc should be communicated though email at This is an important means of tracking information for me to aid in efficiency and accessibility. Note that it IS different than my Paypal email.


Half payment (rounded up) is due before I begin, the other half is due before I deliver the final product. Paypal to:

The nitty-gritty that keeps this a fun and safe process for us both:

  • Limit three (3) revisions during the sketch phase. Once the sketch is approved no major revisions are allowed. Minor revisions are okay but I won't completely rework a piece once it's that far along.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any work at any time should I deem it necessary. (hopefully that won't ever be!)
  • In that event, I reserve the right to refund an amount equitable to the work left undone.
  • If I find that I cannot complete the commission in a reasonable amount of time, I reserve the right to cancel the order and refund all money paid.
  • If three months pass and the work is still not completed or significant progress shown, please feel free to ask for a refund.

Ready to start or have questions?

Contact me at!

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