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ladyofdragons: (This is Sparta!)
 I am trying so hard not to rage fit over digital comic piracy.

It's not like I haven't done my share of music piracy in my time. But I try to support the music artists and bands I really love with purchases. How people can say a $2 comic is unmanageable...or even assume that it'd be free from an official source, I have no idea. 

I lone out my Comixology account to net friends just like I loan out my trade paperbacks to locals. I just change my password every few months. I want to engage new people in the things that deserve their attention, things I love, and get them started reading. Because I know that dropping a ton of money on back issues right away is not always easy. But I want them to start buying the book and supporting the creative team for their amazing efforts.

It just gets my hackles up that people could assume that all the hard work done by professionals should be given away free. Their profit margins are already pretty feeble. GAH.

I don't know why it's such a sore point. Maybe it's because I'm an artist that never had a chance to be pro that this burns. Maybe I just want to respect my fellows. Probably because I'd be pissed as hell if it was my hard work someone wanted to get for free. /huffs
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